+++ Alle Klassen in der Pfarrstr., im Prenzlauer Berg und in Charlottenburg finden statt; einzige Ausnahme: Die Charlottenburgklasse am Sonntag, 09.12.2018, 14:00 Uhr, fällt leider einmalig aus.+++,



Bobby Clennell  kommt das erste Mal nach Berlin 2019. Uday Bhosale kommt im Mai 2019 wieder nach Berlin. Weitere Informationen in Kürze…


“Bobby’s study of Iyengar Yoga began in 1972 in the UK—as did a 20-year career in animation. She was certified to teach by B.K.S. Iyengar in 1977, and has made subsequent trips to Pune every two years ever since. She considers herself blessed to have studied directly with B.K.S. Iyengar. “The profound and cathartic effect of the intensive work I’ve done with him remains with me to this day.”

At the New York Institute Bobby teaches levels II, as well as restorative, a women’s class, plus a class for patients and survivors of breast cancer. She also teaches workshops throughout the US, Europe and Asia (most recently in China).” [iyengaryogacanada.com]

Danke Uday!


“Uday has been a resident teacher at RIMYI for over a decade. He has recently moved to the U.K. and is based out of Reading. A former taekowondo enthusiast, Uday was introduced to the Iyengar method by his martial arts teacher. He began learning directly with Guruji, Geetaji and Prashantji in 1999 and continues to do so till date. Over his many years at the Institute, Uday conducted classes for children (7-15years), intermediate and beginner students. Uday was a regular assistant in the medical (therapeutic) classes at RIMYI, held thrice a week. In 2015 Uday was a guest teacher at the 21st French Iyengar Yoga National Convention, Rezé, Nantes, France.” [YOGAwithUday]


Thank you Birjoo!


Thank you Jawahar!

Thank you Uday!


“The practice of yoga induces a primary sense of measure and proportion. Reduced to our own body, our first instrument, we learn to play it, drawing from it maximum resonance and harmony.”  Yehudi Menuhin